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About Quy Nhon Trails

Piscador on Mt Kinabalu
Piscador on Mt Kinabalu

I’m afraid that I’m on a longish break now, having just started a new business that’s taking up all my free time. I hope to resume as soon as possible.

Call me Piscador. I’m an Australian living and working in the central Vietnamese coastal town of Quy Nhon. Whenever I get the chance, I go hiking in the surrounding hills and countryside. Quy Nhon is blessed with hundreds of trails in the area. I’m doing my best to discover all of them.

I started hiking in a casual way about three or four years ago. Last year (2015), I started taking it seriously, mainly because my sixty-year-old knees are no longer up the the stress of my preferred exercise, trail running and Hashing. In August, my old mate 2Stroke invited me to join him and some friends in scaling Mt Kinabalu in Malaysia in January, 2016. I accepted and spent the remainder of the year researching, preparing and training for the climb. I documented all of this in my other blog, Climbing Mt Kinabalu.

What I hope to do in this blog is describe some of the trails within a short distance. Hiking and trekking holidays are becoming very popular activities with visitors to South East Asia, and Quy Nhon City offers not only plenty of hiking but also has the advantage of being off the tourist beaten track.

In addition, I plan to introduce some of the attractions that are worth seeing in and around Quy Nhon. This area is not very well-covered in the various tourist guide books about Vietnam. Lonely Planet, I’m looking at you.

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February, 2016


All photos were taken by me.

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