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I’m back.

Sorry for the absence – my hosting service deactivated the site so they could verify my identity, apparently because Vietnam is flagged as a security risk or something. Unfortunately, it was deactivated while I was away from my PC for four days. I tried to fix it using my phone but no luck.
I do think it could have been handled better. For starters, an email requesting proof of identity would have been far more courteous than arbitrarily closing down the site. In any case, a couple of minutes browsing the site should have made it clear that it’s a genuine site. Hackers are highly unlikely to go to such lengths to penetrate somebody’s servers.
I haven’t posted anything lately, mainly because the Tet holiday ended up taking up more of my time than I expected. It ate into both my hiking time and blogging time. To compound things, my employer sent me south to Tuy Hoa for four days over last weekend. However, I expect to have a new post or two up in the next few days.