Sorry about the hiatus

Since my last post excuse, I’ve been noticeably quiet here. The reason is that I’ve been busier than a one-armed Saigon taxi driver with the crabs.

On top of working the busiest month (March) in my five years in Quy Nhon, I’ve also been working a lot of extra hours on my part-time job and I’ve embarked on a major new project. I’ve managed exactly two short hikes in the past two months and two brief beach trips. Poor Ellie has been moping around the house waiting for me to take her places.

Things are going to get a bit easier from now on. I quit my job last week. I’ll make an announcement about the next stage of my working career, but I’m not quite ready to go public yet. Next week, I think.

Now that I’m not working every morning, I hope to find extra time to resume hiking. I’ve gained weight (I don’t know how much – I’m afraid to weigh myself) and I’ve noticed a drop in fitness. Also next week, I think.



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