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Nui Xuan Van Trail updated

I went for a longish hike the other day over Xuan Van Hill to re-record the trails that I featured in the article. This took about four hours, covering just over ten kilometres of trails and climbing the damned hill three times. I’m getting pretty tired of the hill – it was my training area for Mt Kinabalu and I climbed it well over a hundred times in the last three months of 2015.

After that, I rewrote and reorganised the article, adding the new map, more pictures, a Google Maps location link and a link to a GPS file.

It’s been a busy couple of days, being the Tết (Lunar New Year) holiday in Vietnam. We took a family trip to the cemetary in Phu Tai (fifteen kilometres away) to visit the graves of my wife’s parents, visited most of the other relatives in town (there’s a lot of ’em!), a beach trip and a trip up into the hills to check out some land for sale. I also visited The Haven, maybe the best spot along the coast for a beer/meal/swim.

First post

Strictly speaking, Quy Nhon Trails isn’t a blog. However, this will be a good place to talk about changes and additions to the site, as well as progress reports on my explorations around the area.

Here’s my To Do list:


  • There seems to be a trail going along the hills running along the northern coast line from Nhon Ly fishing village to the point of the peninsula opposite Quy Nhon City. I estimate it’s about 18-20 kilometres, but I don’t know if it’s doable yet.
  • You can follow the ridge of hills south from Quy Nhon for quite some distance. I plan to do some exploring over the next week or so. The trail will be between 12 and 16 kilometres depending on how far I can go.


  • There’s a very scenic spot near Nhon Ly called Eo Gio. I went up there the other day, but the weather wasn’t good for photos.


  • My favourite outdoor restaurant in Quy Nhon is the Dong Ba Garden Restaurant in Quy Hoa valley. This will be a good start for a restaurant review.
  • Unfortunately my favourite seafood restaurant in Quy Nhon has just been demolished. I have to find a new one.
  • There are a number of smaller budget restaurants that serve local specialities that are worth listing.


  • I’m going to recycle some of my hiking articles from my old blog. I also want to move my Mt Kinabalu climb story here for posterity. Once I do that, I can retire my other sites.
  • I might review my Leki trekking poles as well.


  • Mostly tweaks, SEO (search engine optimization) and tidying up.
  • Move my Mt Kinabalu content here.
  • Still not really happy with my theme.